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It is looking to contribute to defining the importance of the role of art and design in society. We give the students the tools to continue learning and growing long after they leave our doors; we create opportunities for residencies and internships and experiences that expand their portfolio and broaden their horizons.
1.MissionVisual ArtsVisual Arts1
Theatre Arts department at College of Arts and Design constitutes part and parcel of the college's cultural, artists, aesthetics, and artistic entities. Theatre Arts department is a cultural and creative site that operates within the vision that pushes for development and openness on both Arab and international levels. The course plan in the department goes hand in hand with curricula agenda within the University of Jordan to form a clear philosophy based on social, historical, and cultural contexts; at the same time, this philosophy is based on interpreting international creativity, theories, arts..etc. This will help our students to be in touch with theatre arts in its multi forms so that they will get to know theatre in its basic and advanced forms (awareness, understanding, memory, imagination, communication, …etc) Theatre department achieves this goal by having an academically/artistically qualified faculty members, theatre facilities, and a library full of books, references, and DVDs. Theatre department encourages students to participate in artistic experiments on local, Arab, and international level so that they will foster their self/communal awareness. The department also hosts local and international artists to lead workshops in different form of theatre arts.
1.MissionTheater ArtsTheater Arts3
The music department at the faculty of arts and design have mission to consolidate the idea that art is a "mirror of civilization,"  and that creativity reflects the philosophy of the superior artist, and it supports community by graduate students who are innovators in various fields and they have substantive knowledge, skills,  and applications of modern technology and that qualify them to compete in the market to work efficiently. The music department provides an environment suited for that where the student receives integrated knowledge which preserve heritage and keep pace with the modern and encourage rooting in the thought of the idea and the product through improved curriculums to encourage scientific research and the establishment of music performances and seminars that serve the community.
1.MissionMusic Music 2
Our vision is our quest to be a leader at the local, regional and global levels in the preparation of a generation of talented artists in various fields. The department aims to develop the inherent creative composition and sponsorship through applying the latest standards and total quality systems by employing the latest scientific and technological means in the learning and teaching process.
2.VisionMusic Music 2
Strategic objectives of the music department at the faculty of arts and design
1- raise the cultural level of the graduates of the university of Jordan .
2-  improve the quality of life in the Arab community .
3-  supplying the Arab market by distinctive expertise in the field of arts, culture and heritage while preserving the Arab identity.
4-  to publish the image of civilized Jordan in the international meetings as a tower of civilization.
5-  to supply the market of art and music performances.
6-  to carry on the message of Jordanian and Arabic .
7-  to raise the artistic awareness in the Arabic society.
4.GoalsMusic Music 2
Visual Arts Department exists to prepare talented students for professional careers, emphasizing learning through individual attention in a positively oriented university environment. It will be recognized as the leader in defining art and design education. By employing innovation in all areas, the department will provide a superior education through talented and dedicated faculty and staff, advanced learning resources and comprehensive support services. To be recognized for an educational program that fosters artistic expression, professional skills, intellectual capacity and conceptual development, the department grates these elements within the educational program.
2.VisionVisual ArtsVisual Arts1
- Being a student-centered institution it provides an exceptional education and life-changing experience for students.
- Being innovative and result-oriented it keeps growing while continually improving.
4.GoalsVisual ArtsVisual Arts1
The vision of theater arts department at the faculty of arts and design will raise the level of culture, knowledge, beauty and art in the local community.
2.VisionTheater ArtsTheater Arts3
The department of theater arts at the faculty of arts and design aims to raise the cultural level of the graduates, through:
1- Encourage students to engage in artistic experiences to develop collective and self-awareness through the participating in local, Arab and international cultural and artistic events.
2- Host theatrical workshops with international experts.
3- Hosting theatre performances.
4.GoalsTheater ArtsTheater Arts3