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Dr. Ayman Tayseer and Dr. Haitham Sukkarieh from the music department participated in a concert held at the Royal Opera House Muscat last February. Dr. Tayseer performed songs together with the Egyptian singer Ghada Rajab in a concert attended by about one 1000 people. The orchestra was conducted by Dr. Sukkarieh and included professional musicians from different generations.
Two of our Graduate students from the music department participated in the Maqam festival held in Baku, Azerbaijan in March 2013. Tareq Jundi and Nasser Salameh presented a high level of talent and professionalism, and won the special prize of the festival. Congratulations!

The 12th Jordan Theatre Festival for Young Artists opens its activities with a graduation project for a fresh theatre graduate, Abdellah Aljarayan, with his project, Shrood, which is supervised by Dr. Fadi Skeiker.  In Aug 17th 2013 , The play was performed under the patronage of the minister of culture in Jordan in Royal Cultural Centre .

"Vent" is an informative educational documentary film that takes us in a journey with 15 Arab Spring involved participants at the "ARTiculating Peace Workshop "held in Amman 21 Aug. 2012 – 27 Aug. 
 The idea of this project is to bring youth aged from 15-17 from different backgrounds, ethnicities and religions and support them to share, express and tell their experiences during the Arab Spring and conflict periods then start sketching the anticipated future for their countries through creative arts.
The aim of this project is raise youth activism, enforce tolerance and dialogue and empower youth to express their thoughts and build a positive role in their communities. The project was directed by dr. Fadi Skeiker, and Lina Hamdan.

Dr. Ayman Tayseer – head of music department- has participated in the second edition of Amman Jazz festival. Dr. Tayseer sung in two concerts held at Zara theatre in the 28th and the 29th of April 2013. He re-presented his original innovation of "Jazz Abdel Wahab" that succeeded to meet the urgent need to promote Classical Arab music so as to reach the young generation as well as the foreigners. The idea was facilitated by the joined status between Arab and Jazz music that both involve "improvisation", which ascends the listeners to the peaks of the spirit of music. Dr. Tayseer in his innovation, has formulated a mix between western instruments such as piano, guitar, saxophone, and drums with the oriental ones such oriental violin, qanoun, and nai. The songs were presented in the same melody composed by Abdul Wahab, but the background music is jazz, with maintaining eastern segments as its original.



The faculty of Arts and Design / Theater Arts department organized a course entitled "The educational role of the school theater” in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design, Dr. Keram Nimri and with the participation of the academic staff, this course was held at the theater arts building on 25th of September 2013. 

The faculty of Arts and Design organized a collective breakfast of new, old, and graduate students at the Department of Performing Arts, under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design Dr. Keram Nimri and with the participation of the academic staff.
Known artists also have been invited to this event, students' achievements also have been presented.
This celebration was held at the theater arts building on Thursday, October 3rd 2013.


The Arabic singing ensemble of the Musical Arts Department - Faculty of Arts and Design organized a CONCERT led by the lecturer Obeida Madi at "AILETNA ceremony" held on a dinner party for academic,administrative staff, graduates, and current students on Thursday 10th of October 2013. The ensemble presented Akaddod Aleppo in the denominator Bayati and traditional songs in Maqam Hijaz in addition to other songs.
Engr. Fadi Al-Ghawanmeh, the faculty member in Music Department has recently participated in the  European competitive academic mobility program "Dunia Beam".  He visited  the University of Bologna \ Italy and conducted seminars and discussions about Arab music as well as his experience in utilizing modern technology to serve it. Engr. Al-Ghawanmeh also discussed the awanmeh also discussedeam" ulty member in Music Department has participated in possibility of promoting research collaborations between music faculty members in both institutions.

Raku pottery is created with a specific ceramic firing process that uses both fire and smoke to create unique patterns and designs. The piece is first bisque fired, and then it is glazed and undergoes a raku firing process. The firing process requires a special raku kiln that is fueled by propane and reaches temperatures between 900-1000°C.

It is placed inside a metal can full of combustible materials, it also draws the oxygen out of the pottery and its glaze. This process is called post fire reduction.

The lecturer Sheniar Abdullah and Mr. Yacoub Al-Otoom have worked the realization of the Raku pottery on 5th of November 2013 at the Faculty of Arts and Design to completion of unique patterns.


The lecturer Sheniar Abdullah work


Mr. Yacoub Al-Otoom work


The Artist  Jihad al-Amiri  wins Jamal Badran award for plastic arts of Palestine cultural awards in its third session. The Palestine international foundation and the International cultural association “Al-Bayara” have distribute these awards in the Jordanian capital Amman at 20/09/2014.


The faculty of Art and Design at Jordan University organized a ceremony on Thursday, October 23, 2014 for new students, who are enrolled in the university beginning of the first semester of the current academic year 2014/2015. And it was attended by ; heads of department , number of academic faculty , administrative faculty , new students and old , Assistant Dean for Quality and Development Dr. Fadi Skeiker and Assistant Dean for Student AffairsFuad Khasawneh.


That what student Yazan Sliman from the faculty of arts and design expresses as he almost completes  his beautiful sculpture, Which he started working on more than a month ago, This work of art, Is a graduation project to Yazan and is entitled "Ishtar, the metaphor of civilization."


The faculty of arts and design at the university of Jordan held a musical workshop that discussed the art of Jazz music with the participation of US band (Anthony Stanko) and thirty students in the music department and college students.
The workshop included American band playing its own musical pieces on the art of Jazz, which depends on improvisation. The workshop showed students  the way and technic to play in the art of Jazz.

 The workshop was attended by the cultural counselor at the US Embassy and a number of faculty members and student.



The faculty of art and design participated in three of its departments in workshops at the faculty of rehabilitation Sciences on Thursday, 04/12/2014 on its international day for the disabled.
The arts department presented a theatrical short show depending on the art of the clown. The actors were Majd Al-Afifi , Muhammad Al-Idrisi , Lana Matalka and Njoud Abadi and directed by Mohammed Al-Asha under the supervision of Dr. Omar Nagrash.
Khaldoun Hijazeen from the visual arts department presented a workshop on the relationship between the visual arts and children with special needs.
Noor Altaji and Eve Omeish from the music department presented a workshop about music intervention with disabled people.
Dr Fadi Skeiker from the theater department presented a workshop on the role of applied theater in the rehabilitation of children with DOWN syndrome .

Hamza Mahaden, first year student from Theatre Arts department at the University of Jordan was chosen from hundreds of Arab applicants to participate in the Middle East for Arts Theater Academy (META) and Kevin Spacey Foundation (KSF).
The program aims to discover young talents in the performing arts in Arab region, as well as to provide creative opportunities for young people in the Middle East. Hamza and other participants will have the opportunity to work under one of the most professional and experienced teams in the world theater.
Hamza Mahadin   joined the Theater Arts department at The University of Jordan last year, he started his studies at The University of Jordan by studying   management information systems but soon transferred to Theatre Arts department


 Eng. Fadi Ghawanmeh, An instructor in the musical arts Department had designed and developed the first electronic musical site for " Muall " .

The ALRAI newspaper was published this news to watch click here:




 The students of the School of Arts and Design / Music department participated in an international performance (Oliver Twist) from the book by Charles Dickens, it translated by  Zainab Mubarak and directed by Khaled Abu Naga and the leadership of Maestro Nair n'Ajjer with orchestral Bulgarian , participation of a number of the children of Syrian refugees and Jordanian children less fortunate.


​Eng. Fadi Al-gwanmeh, An instructor of Music Department participated in  Erasmus" Teaching staff mobility " at the Università degli studi di Pavia \ Italy, He participated in each of the Department of Music and Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

The artist Hamzah Beni Atta participated in a training course for sculpture and engraving in Beijing, china.
حمزة بني عطا ممثلا للوفود العربية في دورة للنحت بكين1.jpg

The Dupty Dean of the School of Arts and Design, Dr. Haitham Sukkarieh participated in the activities of the cultural week of the countries of Asia and the Middle East in China, through the presentation of a symphony concert for his works and his leadership of the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Sukkarieh's participation in the progress of the Petra Symphony and the symphony of Oman was performed by a graduate student in the Department of Musical Arts at the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Violeta


A lecture was held for the great Palestinian artist Suleiman Mansour, in which he talked about the reality of art under Israel occupation and in the presence of the Vice President for Humanitarian Faculties, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al Majdouba, Dean of School of Arts & Design, Prof. Dr. Rami Haddad, and guests of the Arts Symposium. As part of the 2 nd Int'l Art Symposium, which is held on the sidelines of the University of Jordan conferance "Palestinian Issue -where to". The Vice-President presented an icon designed by Hazem Al-Zoubi in honor of the artist Suleiman Al-Mansour


The President of the University of Jordan Professor Azmi Mahafzeh, honored the artist Juliet Awwad, the hero of the play "The Cake".

Dr. Majd Al-Qasas was honored by the President for directing the play Which was presented on the sidelines of the conference "The Palestinian issue - where to?" on Sameer Al Rifai auditorium


On 5/5/2018, the Second International Arts Symposium starts in the School of Arts and Design in the presence of a number of artists from around the world to hold an exhibition of paintings under the supervision of the Organizing Committee of this symposium and the Dean Prof. Dr. Rami Haddad.

These events will continue until Thursday, 10/5/2018 on the sidelines of the conference on the "Palestinian issue - where to? " Which is located in the University of Jordan


Student Sultan Al Shawabkeh from the Department of Theater Arts participates in the Shakespeare Festival in Volkwang University of Art - Germany in Play" towe__Church" for shakespeare


​Prof. Ayman Tayseer was honored by the Jordanian Club after the grand concert with the world orchestra Mesto led by Dr. Nabil Azzam at the Schonberg Theater at the University UCLA

in the United States of America.


​Dr. Adnan Musakbeh was honored with a certificate of appreciation from Sharjah Theater Days Festival


​Dr. Yahya Al-Bishtawi, Head of the Department of Theatre Arts, participated in the 4th International Social Science Conference held at Ala Al-Din Kikobat University in Antalya, Turkey. His participation was part of the research titled (The mechanism of working in the theater of the picture at the director in the Arab theater) not to mention that Dr. Bishtawi Participated in a number of conferences, cultural forums and local, Arab and international festivals


​The eight-day show, directed by Mohammed Al Jarrah, won the Best Integrated Show at the Ammon Youth Festival. He also won the best director award jointly with director Mohamed Al-Ashy. And the best actor's Rateb Obeidat. Dana Abu Laban won the Best Actress Award for a non-stop hysteria. Jamal Al-Rasheed won the Best Text Award for the play "Apple". It is worth mentioning that they are all graduates of the theater department at the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Jordan last semester


Students of the Department of Music Arts, won the awards of the symphony contest organized by the Jordanian Armed Forces in cooperation with King Abdullah II Fund for Development

The students are: Violeta Al-Yousef and Raad Al-Zabin from the Graduate Studies Department

Also the graduate student Yara Al-Nimr

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