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Department Strategy


The music department at the faculty of arts and design have mission to consolidate the idea that art is a "mirror of civilization,"  and that creativity reflects the philosophy of the superior artist, and it supports community by graduate students who are innovators in various fields and they have substantive knowledge, skills,  and applications of modern technology and that qualify them to compete in the market to work efficiently. The music department provides an environment suited for that where the student receives integrated knowledge which preserve heritage and keep pace with the modern and encourage rooting in the thought of the idea and the product through improved curriculums to encourage scientific research and the establishment of music performances and seminars that serve the community.


Our vision is our quest to be a leader at the local, regional and global levels in the preparation of a generation of talented artists in various fields. The department aims to develop the inherent creative composition and sponsorship through applying the latest standards and total quality systems by employing the latest scientific and technological means in the learning and teaching process.


Strategic objectives of the music department at the faculty of arts and design
1- raise the cultural level of the graduates of the university of Jordan .
2-  improve the quality of life in the Arab community .
3-  supplying the Arab market by distinctive expertise in the field of arts, culture and heritage while preserving the Arab identity.
4-  to publish the image of civilized Jordan in the international meetings as a tower of civilization.
5-  to supply the market of art and music performances.
6-  to carry on the message of Jordanian and Arabic .
7-  to raise the artistic awareness in the Arabic society.