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The school of Arts and Design stands as a beacon of Entrepreneurship and creativity, uniting diverse strands of artistic and design disciplines under one roof. Since its inception by Her Royal Highness Princess Wijdan Al-Hashemi, the college has been committed to graduating students equipped with knowledge and expertise in the realms of visual arts, music, and theater. Serving as a nurturing haven for our Arab cultural and artistic heritage, the college's educational and artistic endeavors are enriched by the experiences and expertise of its faculty, comprising academics and artists alike, imbuing its outputs with a contemporary spirit.
Offering Bachelor's degrees in music, theater arts, and visual arts, alongside a Master's program in music and a diploma in art therapy, the college's profound belief in the significance of art as a foundational element of societal culture continually propels it to empower its graduates with a blend of cultural, scientific, and practical experiences, fostering a commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation.





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