Business Collaboration

Business Collaboration
Agreements and Memorandums of understanding
The Faculty of Arts and Design has made national and international cooperation agreements with many Colleges and Universities and technical institutes, those agreements included student's and stuff members exchange visits to universities and academies in the United States and Europe in order to acquire additional skills and broaden knowledge. Those agreements are:
In 2002 an agreement with the National Music Conservatory of stuff experience exchange.
In 2005 a memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation between the College and the Royal Academy in Britain and the Polish Academy in Warsaw aimed at strengthening relations and exchange of expertise.
In 2006 an agreement with Jordan Academy of Music, for granting a Higher Diploma of Music Education.
The Faculty attracted Global Artists through Fulbright program to train students of the Department of Visual Arts on graphic arts techniques.
In 2013 a memorandum with Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, for foster scientific research, exchange of students and staff and to establish Al-Farabi Center for Culture, Ethics and Politics at UJ.
In 2014 an agreement with the Arab Academy of Music to support Research and service their goals in the field of teaching, research and training, rehabilitation and preparation of qualified manpower in music education.
In 2015 ,an agreement was signed with Pioneer Academy for training, education and preparation of students.
In 2017 a memorandum of understanding was signed with the Faculty of Specific Education / Ain Shams University to enhance technical relations.
In 2017 an agreement with Yarmouk University, to grant a doctorate degree in Music Education.