Dr. Ayman Tayseer participated

Dr. Ayman Tayseer – head of music department- has participated in the second edition of Amman Jazz festival. Dr. Tayseer sung in two concerts held at Zara theatre in the 28th and the 29th of April 2013. He re-presented his original innovation of "Jazz Abdel Wahab" that succeeded to meet the urgent need to promote Classical Arab music so as to reach the young generation as well as the foreigners. The idea was facilitated by the joined status between Arab and Jazz music that both involve "improvisation", which ascends the listeners to the peaks of the spirit of music. Dr. Tayseer in his innovation, has formulated a mix between western instruments such as piano, guitar, saxophone, and drums with the oriental ones such oriental violin, qanoun, and nai. The songs were presented in the same melody composed by Abdul Wahab, but the background music is jazz, with maintaining eastern segments as its original.