A workshop titled "Principles of Interior Design for Shoe and Leather Fairs"

​An-Najah University in Palestine hosted the Department of Applied Arts, Dr. Haifa Bani Ismail, Assistant Professor at the College of Art and Design, Department of Visual Arts in a workshop entitled "Principles of Interior Design for Shoe and Leather Fairs" The workshop dealt with several themes related to interior design, the most important of which is the study of the movement of the interior space, the distribution of work areas The display units inside the interior space, the basic principles in preparing the decor of shoe stores, the raw materials used in the cladding beside the lighting used in both natural and industrial types for such exhibitions, and indicated the importance of the diversity and different types of display methods, where international case studies of designers were reviewed and their work analyzed from the functional and aesthetic point of view. Expressionism in London, Spain and Qatar.
The doctor indicated the importance of cooperation between universities to hold similar workshops in the future to keep abreast of changes in the field of interior design and prepare students with full knowledge and know-how regarding this specialization in terms of practical, theoretical and technical aspects, whether in the academic or labor market