"Empathy and Craft in the 21st Century" Call for Artists to participate in the "Summer Arts Program" at The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts

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Workshops will start from July 2 till 20, 2017.
 Final Exhibition of program outcomes opens on Thursday August 3, 2017.

The program will offer three consecutive workshops, each being focused on 2D, 3D and 4D art practices as a vehicle to explore the concept of "intersectionality" - the idea that we all inhabit multiple identities at once is a concept being actively explored in 21st century art and activism. In the past, labels such as gender, class, race and religion have tended to label us as one thing, when the reality is that we are complex beings. How do these labels keep us from having empathy for one another and what role can art making have in creating empathy and connection? How does the concept of intersectionality help liberate ourselves from old ideas and forms, both in how we think and what we make, and allow us to explore new ones?

This program is supervised and co-curated by artists and professors: Patte Loper, Diran Malatjalian, Ethan Murrow and Khaldoun Hijazin.

For Participation:
 Artists interested in joining this free and competitive program please write us at info@nationalgallery.org with a single page statement of intent, describing your interest in the program, attached with images of your recent artwork. Last day for submitting applications is June 26, 2017. Participants accepted by the admission committee will be notified by email. For more information please contact us within our working hours at 064630128.