An open scientific day in the school

A scientific and an open day were held at the school of Arts and Design, which included a number of events and activities, as a number of students drew on the walls and made art murals throughout the school under the supervision of Mr. Ibrahim Al-Khatib, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. A lecture entitled "Intervention of the Arts" was also given by Dr.Mazen Asfour from the Department of Visual Arts and Dr. Adnan Mashaqbeh from the Department of Theatre Arts and moderated by Dr. Nidal Nusseirat from the Department of Musical Arts.

In addition to that, a concert for students of the Department of Musical Arts ended the day, and it was under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Qudah, President of the University and the presence of Professor Dr. Ahmed Al-Majdouba, Vice President for Humanitarian Schools and in the presence of the Dean of the School Professor Dr. Rami Haddad, where the students of the department presented a classical Arab and Western music track and was under the supervision of Dr. Tsunka Al-Bakry, where the President of the University and Vice President expressed their admiration for the advanced and high level of the students.