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UJ brings back life to “Samir Al-Rifai” theater.


In the presence of HRH Princess Wijdan al-Hashemi, and a crowed of artists, intellectuals and media figures, the events of the third Faculty of Arts and Design Festival commenced today at the University of Jordan (UJ).

 At the beginning of the festival, HRH Princess Wijdan opened Samir Al Rifai Theater, the oldest theater in Jordan (founded in 1963), after being restored.

 Her Highness commended efforts made by the organizers of the festival, expressing pride and calling for further progress and development.

 Tarawneh confirmed in his speech at the opening ceremony that the Theatre is part of UJ’s history, and explained that by its restoration we restored its former glory and the voices and creativity of the preceding artists who granted the Theatrical movement in Jordan its admiration.

 Tarawneh also referred to UJ’s intentions to establish an opera house as part of considering art as the soul of humanity.

 Referring to the importance of arts, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design, Chairman of the Supreme Committee of the Festival, Prof. Keram Nimri said: "The artist is the official spokesman of his time". The artist has the responsibility to transfer his nation’s legacy, maintain its originality and add to it, according to Nimri.

 Assistant Dean and Master of Ceremony, Fouad Al-Khasawneh stressed that the overall aim of this annual festival is to become the nucleus of local and international festival along the lines of Jerash Festival and an opportunity for cultural and arts fields to gather on campus.
Following the opening ceremony, two Fine Arts exhibitions will be opened, the first in the main university library lobby and a second at the Deanship of Student Affairs, then, at 3:00 pm a play directed by Noureddine Daibes will be shown at Samir Al Rifai stage.

The second day events will begin with opening a bazaar in the courtyard of the faculty, also a band called “telfreek” will be performing later on Samir Al Rifai Theater, then the Music Department will present its concert, next a play directed by Laith Arinat will be shown, and the day will end with a concert by Jordanian artists Tariq Al Jundi and Nasser Salameh.

The third day events include a concert by the young band “Obedar”, In addition to a symposium in which the late poet Habib Zeudi will be honored, and a play directed by Osama Al Jarrah.


The last day of the festival, the largest gathering of design students in Jordan will be taking place at Samir Al Rifai Theatre under the title ”Hi Design Day” and will comprise a musical presentation by the University of Jordan Choir.



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