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Al-Raku Pottery for the first time in Jordan (University of Jordan / Faculty of Arts and Design


Art Ceramic Alrako is a very ancient process, it is a technique of burning ceramic using fire and smoke. The ceramic is burned for a short time in a gas-fired furnace until it reaches a range of temperatures between 900-1000 ° degrees Celsius. After this, the ceramic is left in the furnace until the glass is ready and then is taken out in a state of redness. Then the glowing ceramic pieces are placed in a metal box with flammable materials such as paper, were operating temperature resulting from Alrako to keep fire in this material. Then the ceramic is left inside exposed to high reduction - state. Unique patterns of Alrako ceramic were made by the lecturer Shaniar Abdullah and Mr. Jacob Otoum on 11/05/2013 at the Faculty of Arts & Design

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