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Journalists Discuss Role of Arts Journalism in directing public opinion regarding the importance of arts


Arts Journalists and experts discussed the real impact of media in the dissemination of arts culture in the Jordanian society and its role in the formation of public opinion regarding the importance of arts. This came during a seminar held by the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Jordan under the title "Media and Arts in Jordan" patronized by Pro. Karram Al Nimri, Dean of the faculty. The seminar addressed the responsibility that rests on the shoulders of media in raising awareness on arts, and the willingness of the Jordanian society to accept arts and interest in the study and practice of arts, as well as what is required of arts students and practitioners to help the media achieve the goal of making arts an integral part of our lives. Jamal Ayad, Journalist and theater critic at Alrai newspaper talked about problem exists between the academic study of arts and the art movement on the ground, pointing out that globalization and its implications, in addition to the unwillingness of the 3rd World countries have increased the breadth of this problem and caused a real mess

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